Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Improve Your Memory by Robert Allen

Improving your memory can help you in your everyday life and is extremely important to everyone. Your brain is a muscle and you need to exercise it. With this book you CAN improve your memory.

I know that was a super short intro but it pretty much summed up this awesome book. Even from the start I appreciated that the book didn't talk 'down' to me but rather approached this topic as an equal. There was also a lot of good advice on things that I wouldn't normally think had anything to do with your memory but really (when I actually think about it) would effect your entire life so duh that would include your memory.

Taking the tests included in this book was both interesting and frustrating because I need work on my memory (hence my desire to read this book lol). I do have to say that I did better on them than I thought I would so I guess that's something right? I really liked the metaphor of memory being like glue and then going through the different "strengths" of glues. Throughout the book there were some cute quotes sprinkled in and I enjoyed them. I also really liked that the author fully admitted that some of the techniques were just plain wacky but that is what made them work! In the back of this there are plenty of memory tests and I liked the variety and content. I also really liked that this author didn't go into a bunch of medical stuff about your brain and memory it was more of a peer talking to you.

There was one example used in the first part of the book that I didn't appreciate at all. The author mentioned how the Army uses rituals to teach "a youngster who has little formal education (and may not be too bright) to strip down a complicated device.." and I really think this could have been worded differently to try not coming off like recruits are all stupid young kids. There are plenty of veterans in my family (young and old) and I just found the example left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm sure it wasn't really meant to be rude but it bothered me none the less.

Overall I liked the book and found it very easy to read and hopefully it will help me with my long and short term memory!

I got the opportunity to read this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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