Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fix You by Beck Anderson

Fix you by Beck Anderson brings us a story about a widow, Kelly, who is trying her best to raise her two sons after losing her husband. Kelly quite literally runs into Andrew one morning and it instantly changes her life. One would think that Andy Pettigrew has it all with his movie star status but really he is heading towards a dark path when he meets Kelly. Andy pursues Kelly even though she has reservations about disrupting her families lives and fitting into his world. Andy has been having trouble coping with his fame and even though his efforts are great even Kelly might not be able to help him. 

I did enjoy this book a great deal. It was a very quick read and I liked the journey the two characters had to go through to find their own happiness. I think that Kelly went into this relationship with equal measures of reluctance and pure blindness. Andrew clearly threw out clear warnings that his world wasn't exactly stable but Kelly ignored it until she couldn't anymore. Andrew needed help for far to long and shame on the people in his life for not trying harder to get him to want it. I don't really like the way Kelly handled after the scene on the beach, even if I understand some of her reasons. Throughout the book Kelly mentions his young age and maturity level compared to hers but I don't think she really was as mature as she touted she was. Overall this was a good book showing that you really need to fix yourself and that although that's your job it can't hurt to have someone else there for support. Life is hard and sooo many things can complicate it but it's all in how you choose to handle it.

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