Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beautiful Broken Promises by Kimberly Lauren

Beautiful Broken Promises was about Lane Parker and the secret he has been keeping for far too long from his closest friends. It's been four years since Lane has felt whole again and now this is his journey to getting his life back. 

This book starts out with the loveable man-whore Lane we knew from Beautiful Broken Mess but quickly delves into pieces of himself that he hasn't really shared with anyone. Lane has been doing everything he can to find his long lost Kate when he finally finds her. Raegan was once upon a time a nanny for Lane and his wife when tragedy struck. Raegan has spent the last four years trying to survive and keep two children with as normal of a childhood as possible. When re-united Raegan and Lane have a lot to learn about themselves and life together. 

I loved to see the gang again and how everyone fit. Raegan just came across as a great mother because although she had been beaten down by life and rose to the occasion when her children needed her. There were a few twists and turns I didn't expect and that just kept me hooked. I loved this whole series and wish there was more!

This book was provided to me by my local Library!

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