Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shelter Me by Catherine Mann

Shelter Me is the story of a special pooch, Trooper, and his journey to bring together a family. Staff Sergeant Mike Kowalski brings back his fallen commander's dog Trooper from overseas for the MacDaniel Family. Little do they know but the MacDaniel family are getting Trooper just in time to mend themselves. Sierra MacDaniel is doing her best to help out with her mother's Second Change Ranch, her brother and their grandfather all while going to school. Sierra's life is a little crazy right now so the last thing she thinks she needs is another dog and Mike walking back into her life.

I really adored ALL of these characters and didn't want it to be over when the book ended. I liked the chapters narrated by Trooper and his perspective on what was going on with the family and his mission. This book did a pretty good job of explaining some of the stresses a military family goes through while supporting their service member. I was very drawn to that aspect and appreciated the way Ms. Mann handled it. The epilogue just made me want to run out for the next book. I will certainly be reading more from Catherine Mann!

I was provided this book by my local Library :)

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