Monday, February 23, 2015

Outside the Ropes by Ashley Claudy

Outside the Ropes is about Reagan Sommers and her journey that brings her to the world of boxing. Reagan has spent most of her life getting out of tough situations until one night while getting jumped she gets discovered. Reagan finds that she not only enjoys boxing but really craves that way to let some aggression out. Reagan finds herself caught between two of the men that helped her the night she got jumped. Anthony was the responding officer that night and seems determined to be with Reagan in whatever way she will allow. Gage is a fellow boxer and held some of the punks who jumped her but he is trouble with a capital T. Reagan thinks that boxing can help her get her life in order but really she finds herself in a situation that may not be easy to get out of.

It was very easy to want to be in Reagan's corner from the very beginning of the book. It's obvious that Reagan came from a very hard life but has managed to pull herself up and is working toward a different life. Getting jumped in the street changes Reagan's life in many different ways some of which are good and some look to be bad. ** The rest of this review contains minor spoilers. **

Reagan finds herself with Anthony and they pretty much use each for different reasons. I wanted to like Anthony but didn't because he just seemed to clingy and there wasn't any way Reagan cared more for him than Gage. In that fight Anthony was never going to win. Gage was an ass but maybe that's something that Reagan is in to. No one likes to be kept in the dark especially if it's stuff that is important. I was a huge fan of Dexter, even when he got himself into trouble, but I was glad that Reagan didn't let him off the hook easily.

I very much liked this book even though it left you hanging in the end - which I hate - but it certainly made you want to check out what happens next! Personally I hope that Reagan beats the tar out of Gage but that's just me lol.

I was provided this book by NetGalley for my honest review!

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